• Emotions, Race and Food Access in Oakland, California Primary Investigator

  • Entrepreneurs and Intellectuals: How Men of Color Create Rap Music to Become Valued Masculine Subjects Primary Investigator

  • Do Blacks Help Less? Research Assistant to Dr. Sandra Smith

  • Multi-City Social Service Provider Study Research Assistant to Dr. Scott Allard

  • Does TANF Decrease Poverty For Low-Income Mothers? Research Assistant to Dr. Sharon Milligan

Kara has 13 years of experience analyzing mixed-methods data sets, telling compelling stories through data, and managing research teams.


She earned her doctoral degree from the Department of Sociology at the University of California, Berkeley where she specialized in the sociology of food, the sociology of race, the sociology of gender, and sociological theory with an emphasis on postcolonial theory.


She also received rigorous training in qualitative research methods including ethnography, in-depth interviews, and content analysis. 

Kara is currently writing a book on the emotional dimensions of food access in Oakland, California and has published in academic and non-academic journals on food disparities and racial inequality.